Energy Conservation That Pays For Itself

Solar Tech is a Virginia based company committed to providing long lasting, highly effective energy conserving and alternative energy products which are good for the environment and as investments. The sun, as the source for virtually all the earth's heat, provides thermal radiation that is easily the most efficient and widely used green energy. Solar thermal control and utilization holds the greatest promise of any alternative energy for reducing carbon emissions*, gaining widespread use, and at the least cost per kW, reasonable returns. Solar Tech specializes in utilization and control of radiation heat.

Solar Tech's sales, installation, and service for low and medium temperature solar thermal systems (hot water, pool heat, space heat) has continued since 1998. We use trusted vendors and strive to furnish the best products with the longest warranties. We also service all other brands of solar thermal systems. American-made solar heating equipment is our preference. Quality workmanship is backed by experience.

The addition of Inflector™ now has expanded our product line to include see-through, heat control, and glare control window thermal radiation insulation. Providing winter and summer heating and cooling savings up to 40% and more, Inflector is both versatile and the most efficient see-through window energy insulator available.


Products/Services - Solar thermal energy systems and window energy conservation

- Solar Hot Water Heating
- Solar Pool Heating (Dealer - Heliocol™ World's largest manufacturer of solar pool heaters)
- Solar Radiant Floor Heating Systems
- Inflector™ - Insulates windows from heat or cold - Solar and Thermal Control for Windows

Company Information

Virginia Contractor License 2705047464 Class B (projects less than $120,000.00), BLD, AES

Type: Limited Liability Company

Licensed and Insured

Member:                     Better Business Bureau (A+ Rating)
                                 Roanoke Regional Home Builders Association
                                 Association of Energy Conservation Professionals of SW Virginia
                                 U.S. Green Building Council

Chief Operating Officer:
Allan P. Wulff,  President
Registered Professional Engineer
University of Minnesota, 1975

At the University of Minnesota in the 1970's, an innovative new underground library was constructed four stories deep.  Cut and cover type construction was used and it incorporated solar hydronic heating as was a central light well that allows daylight to all four levels. This project stimulated Allan's interest in energy-efficient construction and solar hydronic heating systems as a geotechnical engineering student. U of M's Institute of Technology was at the forefront of  energy conservation and solar energy technology research then, before "green" was popularized, and continues today. Energy conservation was the chief concern then, not environmental issues, though one includes the other.

Later, in the 1980's Allan's residence included solar water heating and space heating systems, earth and sprayed foam insulation, as well as other energy-efficient innovations inspiring more interest.

Installing solar pool heaters for friends expanded into a business that has designed, installed, and serviced solar water heating, pool heat, and radiant floor systems for both residential and commercial installations.  Solar thermal is now, of course, in the thick of a movement to utilize passive and active solar energy. If energy prices continue to stay high, the probability is for expanding growth for years to come. The worldwide output of solar water heating is equivalent to 140 nuclear power plants (2005). Most of that solar water heating is not in the U.S. Perhaps the U.S.'s time has come.

It seems hard to understand that the same radiation heat which warms glazed solar collectors to temperatures above boiling, similarly radiates heat through windows, at the speed of light. Perhaps more so, radiation heat goes both in and out windows. Most the radiation goes in the cooler direction. Like others when he was first introduced to this new energy saving window technology, Allan said he had just installed new windows and hung up the telephone. The salesman succeeded in gaining his audience after three attempts and he grasped that this is a revolutionary new product. Inflector is super-efficient with potential to cut significant energy use, address environmental concerns, save users money, and has other benefits. First though, much like Allan's response, one must overcome common misunderstandings about window performance. Infiltration is an easy concept to grasp. But radiation is 70% of the energy through windows and is not addressed by new windows. The ability to stop as much heat and solar gain as eight panes of glass with low-e is amazing thermal control which is reflected in lower utility bills. Inflector is versatile, interior-mounted, see-through energy screen for windows engineered using proven thermal principles and technology.

*Carbon emissions from human endeavors as a source of climate change is debatable to some, not to others. We exhale carbon dioxide and it is used by plants as part of photosynthesis. Whether lowered carbon emissions or lower utility bills is the goal, controlling radiation heat through windows and solar water heating would amount to eliminating nearly 20% of our utilities at bargain prices. As of 2005, solar water heating produced as much energy as 140 nuclear power plants, worldwide. Controlling 80% (Inflector's performance) of radiation heat coming in through windows during summer and going out during winter, could save the equivalent of the fuel burned for all vehicles each year.


Allan's family

Solar Tech VA President and CEO Mr. Allan Wulff and his family.